Celtic Zodiac Snake Pendant

Celtic Zodiac Snake (February 18th – March 17th). This Celtic Zodiac Pendant features a finely detailed snake. The rock beneath, has the same Infinity knot found throughout our Celtic Zodiac collection. If you were born under this zodiac, you are likely to have been blessed with incredible imagination, perception, intuition, sensitivity, adaptability and healing powers. The Celts viewed the snake as a symbol of transformation and occult knowledge. They were mystical and magical creatures, with ties to ethereal realms. The Celtic snake is specifically an adder. The adder is the only snake capable of living in Celtic weather conditions. This shows adaptability and implies that you can survive the harshest times. The transformation symbol derives from the shedding of its skin. The snake’s connection to the shadow world, comes from its camouflage and ability to live in dark realms for long periods of time.

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