One handed book page holder

Celtic One handed book page holder/book mark

Eco-friendly, Sustainable and Bio degradable. The one handed book holder features two Celtic infinity knots and is made from PLA.

– PLA is a non-toxic, biodegradable, eco-friendly bio-plastic produced from plant sources, such as corn starch.

Make your book reading sessions more comfortable with this lightweight thumb page holder. No more getting cramps in your hand.
This book page holder is designed for those of us who want to hold a book open with a single hand, leaving the other free for your beverage of choice.

The one-handed book holder also makes it easier for those that may have arthritis or other issues with holding a book. It is especially useful for those who like to read while laying on their side or back. The book page holder also doubles as a handy bookmark.
A perfect gift or stocking filler for any book lover in your life.

From 7.50